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Longtime, No Blogging!

Huge apologies for not blogging anything regarding the Laube for a long time.  There are two reasons for this, firstly, nothing happens at Laube Communities in the winter, and secondly, I’m currently thinking of completely changing this blog and making it more vintage knitting related…….

Anyway, below I’m going to post a series of photos taken around the Laube area during the middle of November.  I was there during the week, on a very misty day, preparing the Laube for it’s first Knitting Laube Day.  A few days later, I duly took three knitting friends over there.  They loved it.  So, more Knitting Laube Days to come as soon as the weather gets a bit better!

Above, the Laube in November.

Below, gorgeous acid-yellow leaves litter the ground.


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