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A while ago, I promised to post up some old pictures showing how the laube community was whilst the Berlin wall was in place.

The first picture shows community members ringing a bell in the Berlin wall, to gain access to their laubes at Fichtewiese.  Note the wheelbarrow carrying stuff.  Anything the community members were transporting to their laubes had to be searched by the GDR guards…..

Ringing the wall bell

The door from the GDR side….

The door from the GDR side.

An aerial picture showing the route of the wall and the area behind the wall which was kept covered with sand and free of any plants, (that people might be able to hide behind).  The door is clearly visible.  The Fichtewiese community is in the wooded area in the top right corner.

Aerial view.

This last picture is taken over the wall from the West Berlin side, showing the GDR guard tower and the path across to Fichtewiese, which is in the trees behind the tower.

Guard tower.

Crazy, huh?

We’ve also been very busy at the laube.  Last Saturday, the whole community was present to help in cutting down a number of trees which were in a dangerous condition.  It was hard work for the men and great fun to watch for the women!  The wiese (or meadow) has also been cut back now for the winter.  It really makes the space look so big!  It’s been a really beautiful autumn.  I’ve never really had the chance to look at the seasons before as I have this year.  I’ve always been too busy working in the urban jungle!  There are some good things to say about being unemployed!  Here’s a few pictures from the work day:


Guess what that rope was attached to???

Rope 2

Note the men with chainsaws at the base of the tree…..


Timber!!!!  It sounded fab went it came crashing to the ground!

Meanwhile, I spent a very hardworking afternoon collecting leaves….


There were a lot!

I was also at the laube today, during the week, it’s very quiet there.  I was getting it tidy and ready to hold it’s first knitting meeting on Saturday!  Hurrah!  The Knitting Laube is born!  More info and pics coming soon……


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